Privacy Policy

What is Crrio?

Crrio is the home of web services and platforms focused around gaming. As a company, Crrio publishes its own services, listed via our services page, as well as developer APIs for use on services, apps, and other platforms not directly associated with the company.

Crrio respects privacy rights under Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Information that GDPR requires Crrio to give can be found throughout these questions and answers.

When is my data collected by Crrio?

  • when you visit this site or any of our services
  • when you create and use an account on this site or any of our services
  • when you use Crrio's developer APIs, or visit other services that do.
  • when you reach out to us by email for assistance, provide feedback, or contact our team directly

We do not buy or otherwise receive data about you from other services or locations.

What data is collected by Crrio?

When you visit or any of our services, whether you have an account or not, we use cookies, server logs, and other methods to collect data about what pages you visit and when.

We use this data to:

  • optimize, improve, and better our service(s) experience for you
  • resolve technical issues with our site(s) or server(s)
  • analyze and prevent attacks or malicious traffic
  • generate statistics on popular content, pages, or assets

We store aggregate statistics about use of our services indefinitely, but those statistics don't include data identifiable to you personally.

We collect account data when you sign up for an account.

While always optional, we provide you the ability to sign up for a an account which extends the basic functionality of our services. To sign up for an account, Crrio requires your e-mail address, a username, and your birthday. We use this information to help identify you on and our services.

We use your email address to:

  • announce new updates to our service(s), if enabled in notification settings
  • reset your password and help keep your account secure
  • contact you regarding your account

We store your account data as long as your account remains open. You may also request for the deletion of your account data, which is discussed below.

Where can I access or erase my data?

You can view and update your account data at any time by visiting the account section of while logged in.

You can delete your account and all associated account data from our servers at any time via the aforementioned section of our site.

How can I control what data is collected by Crrio?

You can view and access in addition to all of our services without the need of an account, or cookies. Please note however, some functionality may be limited.

You can configure your web browser to disable the use of cookies on:

You can prevent the use of Google Analytics using Google's official browser add-on.

Where is my data stored?

We store account data and data about the usage of our services on servers located in the United States of America.

Is my data shared with others?

We do not sell or give information about you to other companies or services. However, we do use services from other companies to provide better browsing experiences for you, such as content delivery networks, to distribute our services worldwide.

The companies behind those services may collect data about you on their own, and their data practices apply to their own Privacy Policy (provided below). All of these services are based in the United States.

What other services does Crrio use?

Below you can find all services that Crrio uses to help power its own site and services, along with their associated Privacy Policy.

Service Privacy Policy Description
Cloudflare Our content delivery network for distributing content and assets worldwide.
Google Analytics Collects and compiles aggregate visitor statistics on all of our services.
Github Hosts our source code, and private code repositories for some of our services.

How can I contact Crrio about privacy?

You can send privacy-related questions, complaints, and requests to [email protected].